Earning A Five Star Review

In the classic movie, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Cary Grant decides to remodel a home in the country, through one scene after another he endures un-expected costs, un-expected delays and way too many headaches. It was true in 1948, and it is true today, earning a five star review in the home construction business is hard work

In the past, a contractor could run one star business and get away with it! There was no incentive to improve because no one could track it, no one knew that their last client was un-happy.  The internet has started to change this though, we can now read past client reviews, research complaints and make an informed decision. The great challenge for any business than is not to get a five star review, it is to deliver a product that is worthy of a five star review.

At Budget Builders we have what is called “five for five”, five things that we focus on to earn your five star review, they are:

  1. Respect our clients time and energy
  2. Treat everyone with respect
  3. Communicate with our clients in a way everyone can understand
  4. Set proper expectations
  5. Deliver on those expectations

The results of this program have been great! More positive reviews, more¬†referral¬†business and a better¬†environment¬†for our clients and employees. I am very proud of every testimonial at ¬†“What Our Client Locations Say About Us”¬†, it shows that we have delivered on the promise of a better product. I’m sure that if Cary Grant had hired us to build his dream home, it would have been a very different movie.


-Roman Anderson