Strengths Based Teamwork

There was a time when you would call a friend of a friend who was a “carpenter” and they would remodel your home. The carpenter would figure out what you wanted, drive to the local hardware store, buy the supplies and then put them all together in your home. For better or worse, the construction industry is a lot more complicated than it was in the past. Your “friend of a friend” was a great guy, but clients are asking for better quality at lower prices, and he just wasn’t able to make it work.

The job of a carpenter has changed drastically over the last twenty years. Where we may have had one or two choices on materials in the past, now we have hundreds. Everyone wants something custom and just their style. Ad to that the health and safety regulations, taxes, insurance and client service and you get the picture. If you were to hire “a friend of a friend” That person my be great at drywall etc, but not at scheduling, or ordering materials. Maybe they focus on their paperwork, but then don’t have time to actually finish your project. This is where the dreaded “three month remodel” comes from. Budget Builders recognized this problem and created the Strengths Based Teamwork model.

The concept of strengths based teamwork is quite simple, each person contributes what they are best suited for. At Budget Builders you will primarily be working with your project manager who oversees design and estimating and the lead carpenter who oversees production and scheduling. By having these two highly skilled people on your team, we have overcome the challenge of “well built, under budget”. This system has resulted in Budget Builders decreasing remodel times by 28%, remodeling costs by 12% and customer satisfaction to be at 100%.

We are all have “friends of friends” but when it comes to your project, and your dollars you deserve a team of professionals that have a proven track record of success. Feel free to look through our website and give us a call when you are ready.

-Roman Anderson